Wednesday, 7 March 2012

2nd Update!

Well it is Wendseday evening just before supper.  We are sitting at the Cuban BIC Presidents home in Cotorro, La Habana.  It feels like a home, the people have been so welcoming, sharing of both their lives and resources.
Last night we had the amazing opportunity to worship with a country church pastored by Darelis (spelt how it sounds, not the actually spelling) and his wife Tania.  They worship on the back porch of his home every Sunday morning and Tuesday evening.  It was a great experience for everyone!  That church trains 30-40 people each week in the faith, making disciples who follow God in Word and Deed.  The worship service started at about 7:30 until about 9:00, when they finished it was like a party broke out.  Dancing, singing and just celebrating with all present!
The team has been split into two work groups so we can work on two different work sites. The first being a third story roof top, builinding a new 'apartment' for visiting pastors.  The other group has been working on building new sidewalks to a pastors home, and church meeting site.  Progress is visible at both locations!  We were also able today to teach on marriage, to a group of about 65 people.  It was a great opportunity that we get to repeat on Saturday morning.
We thank you for your prayers, they have been felt as we have been working, traveling and serving God with little trouble here in Cuba.
Thank you, and Dios Les Bendiga!  (God Bless You)

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