Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The first pictures from our trip to Cuba!

Our March 2012 Trip to Cuba

A common Electrical site in the homes (this was in a living room) - before.

And after - did the best we could when the closest building supply store is a 5 hour plane ride back to Canada!

Laying bricks for a third floor suite.

What we left with - completing the walls on the suite at the back - and laying the final bricks for the open air meeting room at the front of the third story.

The 'roof' crew for the Bejucal project.

Pastora Yaneixy and her son Samuel - amazing story and family!

The Church at La Julia.

La Julia church during the mid-week 'marriage teaching'.

2nd view of the church at La Julia

The La Julia project - final pictures - the side walk was completed to the pastors house on the left - and the side walk on the right was started - this will proceed to the church and then beyond into the community.  This is a roadway which gets very muddy when it rains, the sidewalk is a blessing to the church and especially the community!

Hard at work measuring cement.

And mixing for the side walks.

At La Julia on a slow side walk day they started playing in the dirt.  Ok - they began digging a hole for the septic system of the future classrooms.

This was the hole when we left - it's about 5 feet in diameter and 5 feet deep.

Ronaldo - an amazing story, just ask someone :)

Devotions on evening at the Methodist Guest house.

Everything is a work in progress - the old and new in Havana.

President Frank - a little 'Saskatchewan gift' to remember us (and the best CFL team).

The entire crew - and some dear new friends on the last night.

The "Brethren in Christ" church at Santa Amelia

The Santa Amelia church, we are standing where they meet - on the pastors back porch.

Pastor Darlis and his wife Tania on the right side - they pastor Santa Amelia.

Santa Amelia during a evening service - they will have around 100 people on a sunday morning.

The City of Bejucal - this is where Pastora Yaneixy lives and where we worked on her third floor roof.

The church at Bejucal.

A Saturday morning marriage teaching service, at Bejucal.

The roof - before picture.

Our amazing electrician doing his best to make the pastors home safe for her little four year old son Samuel.

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